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cyprus betting sitesCyprus betting sites: How to bet on your favorite team? A betting site is a place where you can place money on your favorite team, athlete, or on any specific event. The bookmaker assesses the probability of a particular outcome of the event and sets an odd for each of the possible outcomes – a numerical value by which the bet is multiplied in case of success.

Cyprus betting

You can place a bet without leaving your home or even during your vacation right from the hotel. If you are lucky and you are planning to spend a long-awaited vacation in Cyprus, then you should study the features of Cyprus betting in advance.

Cyprus bookmakers

What can Cyprus betting sites offer?

The number of sports offered for betting can reach 30 and include not only popular football, tennis, basketball, and hockey, but also something more “exotic” like golf, darts, or cricket. Everything is not limited to sports betting: some Cyprus bookmakers offer to guess the outcome of significant events, including those from the world of politics, business, and culture.

Betting sites Cyprus

What types of sports betting are available on ?

To win at betting sites Cyprus and Greece, you need to place a bet on any of the offered results, which in the end turns out to be correct.

Cyprus betting sites offer a variety of event results and a wide variety of bet types. So, in a football match, you can bet on the victory of one or another team (bets on the outcome), on the total number of goals in the match, or the number of goals of one team (bets on total), on the difference in goals (bets with a handicap). Total points, games, and goals scored take place in basketball, tennis, and hockey, respectively.

How are they considered by Cyprus betting sites?

What are betting odds ?

The bookmaker assigns a coefficient (odd) to each specific outcome in the line, which determines the amount of the expected win. The size of the payment that the player will receive from the bookmaker in case of winning the bet is easy to determine: you just need to multiply the bet amount by the coefficient.

To determine the profit, you need to subtract the size of your bet from the payment amount – this way we get the amount of net profit that the winning bet brought. For example, the following quotes are offered for the match Borussia – Schalke: 1.65 – 4.44 – 5.55 (Borussia’s victory, a draw, and Schalke’s victory, respectively). If we bet $ 100 on Borussia, the potential profit is $ 65 ($ 100 x $ 1.65 – $ 100 = $ 65).

Cyprus sports betting

The betting odds not only show the size of the potential payout to the player: it also expresses the expected probability of a particular outcome of an event. The lower the odds assigned to the outcome, the higher the probability, according to the bookmaker, of this outcome. So, in the above example Borussia – Schalke we see that due to the lower coefficient, Borussia has more chances to win. More information about betting odds you find on Cyprus sports betting and our other article.

Betting sites in Cyprus

Bookmaker bonuses

Often, betting sites in Cyprus reward their clients with various bonus offers. Most often these are first deposit bonuses (welcome bonuses) or bonuses for free bets.

Please note: before agreeing to receive a bonus from a bookmaker, you must carefully read the terms of the promotion!

Betting sites Greece

The best betting sites Greece and Cyprus (such asĀ  888sport, BetWay, Leo Vegas casino, and genesis casino) should have their own customer support service, which you can contact if you have questions or disagree with the actions of the company.